Where to Study While Abroad

Even abroad, you have to hit the library every once in awhile. Whether it’s studying Danish, preparing a presentation, or just some classic reading, here are my favorite places to study in Copenhagen. 


Royal Danish Library: A beauty. Right on the canal with tons of space to study. The building is beautiful and a great place to get some work done.

Royal Danish Library

Bibliotec: The public library, close to DIS, tons of tables and outlets.

DIS Library: On the same street as all the DIS classes, always space to study in silence or get some group work done.

View from the fourth floor of the DIS library


**always ask for a student discount, most places have them**

Buzz Cafe: One of my personal favorite! Close to DIS, good coffee and food.


Democratic Coffee: Attached to the Bibliotec, there’s tables next to it, but they’re sometimes pretty full so you can take your coffee into the library.

Living Room: Not the best if you like a solid table to work on, but if you enjoy kicking back to get some work done this spot is great. They also have really good banana bread.

Little Yellow Coffee Shop: Veryyyyyy hygge and cute, it’s a small space and it’s super cozy.

Upstairs at the Little Yellow Coffee Shop

Roast Coffee: Really good lattes and never super busy, quiet space to work. 

Lagkagehuset: Unreal pastries (the chocolate croissant is my favorite), sometimes busy but a good place to work.

Starbucks: Conveniently close to the new metro stop and DIS classes, they have a student discount AND you can use your food stipend card here!

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