A Weekend Spent Exploring and Eating

Hi everyone!

This past weekend I spent some time exploring Copenhagen. I don’t have classes on Friday and I’m trying to take full advantage of this luxury while in Copenhagen. My friend and I decided to go on a little walking tour of some places we haven’t seen yet. We started off by going to the Botanical Gardens. Though it was a little overcast, the gardens were beautiful.

Statue in the Botanical Gardens
Lush foliage and a little creek at the Gardens

After the gardens we headed over to the glass market, Torvehallerne. We decided to get smørrebrød. This was my first smørrebrød experience in Copenhagen and it did not disappoint. Mine had slamon, eggs, and asparagus. We walked around the market a little more and looked at all the amazing food each stand was selling.

My smørrebrød
Some of the other smørrebrød options
This was one portion of one of the five different cheese stands at Torvehallerne. Very tempting.

We then headed over to Amalienborg which is the home of the Danish Royal Family. We watched as the guards changed posts before quite literally stumbling upon a beautiful church. We think the Queen was married here (after more research I found out she was not married here and the church’s name is Frederik’s Church). It’s really amazing what you can discover just walking around the city.

One of the four buildings that make up Amalienborg
Frederik’s Church
Interior of Frederik’s Church

That night a few of my friends and I decided to indulge in a nice Italian dinner at a place called Mangia. After getting caught in another massive rainstorm (refer to this post to hear about the first time this happened to us) we made it to the restaurant. We quickly realized we were the least sophisticated people there and spent the majority of the time laughing at ourselves. The meal was absolutely amazing and if you ever find yourself there I highly recommend the Plin Al Burro E Timo (aka the best ravioli I’ve ever had). 

I spent Saturday morning wandering around The Copenhagen Lakes. These are four lakes in the middle of the city that are surrounded by paths for walking or running. The weather was perfect, high sixties and sunny, and so many people were out and about. 

The Lakes, I believe I am specifically looking at Sortedams Sø.

That evening, my friends and I rented a Go Boat for an hour. This was a magical experience and by far one of my highlights. We brought some snacks and drinks and cruised around the canals. We had some close calls nearly running into two much larger boats, but it was so much fun.

Pre-Go Boat
Me steering, a bit more stressful than expected
Laughing while trying to shake off the fact we almost collided with the boat behind us. This is near collision one of many.

On Sunday Lucas, Amanda, and I headed out to The Corner which is a cafe attached to the restaurant 108. I’m not lying when I say this was some of the best food I’ve had while here. We were all in shock. We got strawberries and bread with butter and cheese and wow, so simple but so good. The pictures below don’t do it justice but I had to include them. We then headed over to Broens Gadekøkken. This outdoor food market was similar to Reffen but on a smaller scale. We got burgers from Gasoline Grill which lived up to the hype. 

THE bread, cheese, and whipped butter
THE strawberries

After this stop we went to explore Christiania. None of us had been yet and felt like the only people who hadn’t seen it. Christiania is a commune that was created in a military area in 1971. From my understanding, the area is somewhat ignored by the government which is how the commune has been there for nearly 50 years with little turmoil. I didn’t get any pictures since you’re not allowed to take them in some places and got nervous (lol). I’ll do better next time.

That evening I was able to relax a little before making dinner with my housemates. The communal kitchen in the RC is really nice for cooking with other people which can be a lot of fun. We all sat around and chatted for a while afterwards. 

Football season is upon us (I guess?) (Not a huge football watcher myself). After dinner the laptops came out and the speculations began.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend in Copenhagen filled with lots of adventure and laughs. Pretty perfect if you ask me. Coming up we have Core Course week which I’ll be talking more about in my next post.

Hej hej!

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